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Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Program
July 25 – November 11
Fee: $50 for YMCA members; $75 for non-members.

The YMCA Blood Pressure Self-Monitoring Program is a four-month evidence-based program designed to help adults with a hypertension diagnosis lower and manage their blood pressure. The program focuses on regulated home self-monitoring using proper measuring techniques, individualized support from a certified Healthy Heart Ambassador, and nutrition education. Participants need to enroll in the program before the July 25. High-quality blood pressure monitors will be given to those who need one. Interested participants should email Gunnar Madison, Health and Wellness Director, at gmadison@ithacaymca.com to see if they are eligible. For more information click here.

And remember: the YMCA is offering a 25% membership discount to Lifelong members 60 years and older!