About Us


To enhance the lives of older adults in Tompkins County.


Growing older well is something that everyone hopes to do. Lifelong’s goal is to be a valuable and supportive resource for those in their second half. We want our activities, events, and support and social groups to promote continued mental, physical, and creative growth and health in a welcoming and positive environment comfortable for all. A Lifelong membership will enrich and invigorate, whether one is still working or retired. Lifelong is a center for information and services for those seeking help with taxes, health insurance, opportunities to volunteer, and other matters connected with living well after 50.

We are:

  • A vibrant hub for adults 50 and over, that has served Tompkins County for over 60 years
  • Based at our downtown center (119 W. Court St.) and spread throughout the county
  • A provider of free income tax and Medicare counseling
  • Home to on-going classes and lectures that are stimulating mentally, physically, socially and creatively
  • A social and support center
  • Growing, exploring, improving
  • Looking forward to seeing you here!
  • To learn more about Lifelong, please stop by or call 273-1511 to schedule a personal tour