Lifelong Classes

Lifelong Learning

Lifelong Learning class offerings change from semester to semester and range from topics in history, technology, art, health, politics, and more. Classes may be held in-person at Lifelong and offsite locations, and/or virtually. Early registration is strongly encouraged to ensure a space in the class.

Register by mail, by phone, or in person at Lifelong. (9 AM – 4 PM, Mon – Fri). Click here if you want to print out a registration form to mail in.

You can also register online by clicking on the Catalog or Calendar tab at the top of this page, or on the Lifelong Learning Classes bar to the left.

Clicking on a class title will take you to the registration page for the class.

Classes/sessions held during daytime hours require a Lifelong membership, unless otherwise stated.

Classes held after 4pm do not require Lifelong membership.

Some classes are free. Those that have a fee are $10 per session and classes that have 4 or more sessions are capped at $40. Registration is required.

Learning classes are taught by volunteer instructors who receive a $40 credit to use towards Lifelong classes or membership. Reach out to the Program Director (  if you are interested in leading a class at Lifelong.

Lifelong Activities

Activities differ from Lifelong Learning classes in that they are offered continuously throughout the year and do not require registration. Classes fall into either the Health & Wellness or Creative Arts categories. 

Lifelong offers classes in Health and Wellness, conducted by experienced instructors whose classes represent a holistic philosophy for the mind, body and spirit. Our classes are fun, engaging and include tai chi, yoga, strength training, fitness, and square, line, round called dances.

Lifelong offers options year-round for those interested in pursuing creative activities. Drop-in to our clay studio or join the Senior Theatre Troupe.

Classes/sessions held during daytime hours onsite at Lifelong require membership.

Membership is not required to attend offsite activity classes.

Membership is required to be eligible to pay $30 a month unlimited classes in either Health & Wellness OR Creative Arts.

Activities are $5 a session and don’t require registration. Lifelong members can pay $30 a month for unlimited classes in either Health & Wellness OR Creative Arts. Click here to pay monthly fee online. 

From Burned (or Burned-out) to Renewed Purpose

Are you tired of keeping your community, family or organization limping along? Instructor: Eric Clay Eric Clay, M. Div., Ph. D., Founder of Shared Journeys, facilitates, coaches, and counsels groups […]

Register $10.00

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