Lifelong Membership

Benefits of Lifelong membership: 

Annual membership fees:

Lifelong is committed to making our membership accessible to everyone. We offer a sliding scale for annual membership fees, and trust that you will choose an amount that reflects what you are able to pay and also your desire to support others in joining our community.

How to choose a membership level:

Membership fees support our mission of enhancing the lives of older adults in Tompkins County. Paying according to one’s resources creates a more equitable, diverse, and sustainable community.

Consider paying less on the scale if you…

  • are supporting children or have other dependents
  • have significant debt
  • have significant medical expenses not covered by insurance
  • qualify for government assistance
  • are a senior with a fixed income and little to no savings


*note: If the lower-range price of membership is still prohibitive, we will work with you in a confidential manner to offer extended payment plans & other solutions, both for membership and Lifelong programs

Consider paying more on the scale if you…

  • own the home you live in or rent a higher-end property
  • have access to financial savings
  • have the financial ability to travel recreationally
  • have expendable income
  • want to support others’ access to Lifelong membership

Purchase an Annual Membership

There are 2 options available for purchasing annual memberships:
Select Individual or Household Membership below and checkout online. Or, download, print and mail payment to Lifelong below.

Option 2: Print Form & Mail

Download, print and then mail form and payment to Lifelong.

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